Development Process

The Capricorn Integrated Resort project will require several approvals under the Commonwealth Government, State Government (State Agencies) and Local Government (Livingston Shire Council).


Environmental Impact Statement



The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process is the first step to re-establishing the resort.  The purpose of the EIS is to evaluate the project and the potential impacts. Major developments in Queensland must submit a draft EIS as part of the approval process.  These ensure that the developer identifies environmental values and appropriate strategies to manage any environmental impacts.


An EIS may also include a social and economic impact assessment to examine possible impacts of the development on community well-being and prosperity.  This includes community and stakeholder views on the potential benefits

and impacts.


The EIS is due to be submitted to the Queensland Government in late 2018.

Technical Investigations



A range of technical investigations of the site are currently taking place as part of the EIS process.  These include engineering, water, environmental, planning and social and economic impact studies.


Stakeholder discussions are also taking place with local and state governments, emergency services, and identified community and business representatives.


This is the first stage of community engagement.  Following submission of the draft EIS to the Queensland Government, there will be a public submission period during which the EIS can be viewed and the public can provide comment on

the project.

EIS Process


Proponent refers to Australian Government (if required)

Pre-lodgement meeting

Application for generation

Project declared 'coordinated'

Proponent prepared

draft EIS

Final terms of reference issued to proponent

Draft terms of reference for EIS prepared

Draft EIS publicly released

Coordinator General evaluated draft EIS & public submissions

Coordinator General requests additional information

Coordinator general releases report on EIS

Coordinator general accepts final EIS

Revised draft EIS provided (may be publicly notified)

Australian Government approval (if required)

Development approvals (e.g. material change of use)


Potential stages

Completed project stages

Current project stages

Stages to be completed


Technical Experts



Iwasaki has engaged Urbis to manage the submission of the draft EIS.


Urbis are a multidisciplinary consulting firm offering services in planning, social planning, urban design, landscape architecture, property and economic research, valuations and telecommunication services. With over 50 years experience Urbis are a leading consulting firm both nationally

and internationally.


Urbis is supported by a number of technical consultants including engineering specialists, Calibre Consulting, and environmental specialists, Gondwana Ecology.