The Structure Plan

How the 9,000ha of Iwasaki land will be used and developed


Iwasaki Capricorn Integrated Resort is located on the Central Queensland coast, approximately 5km by road north of the centre of Yeppoon and approximately 60km northeast of Rockhampton.

The Iwasaki site

Iwasaki has received approval from State and Local government on their proposed use  of the 9,000ha site. The intent is to permanently preserve 65% of the site as nature, 20% of the site for grazing and agriculture and 15% to be used for the resort development and high quality housing.

The area of concern for this EIS covers about half of the area ultimately earmarked for development of the resort and residential housing.

The Iwasaki business plan emphasises the need to preserve the pristine natural environment of the development site and recognises the need to respect the harmony of nature and development.