The Iwasaki Philosophy

Iwasaki Sangyo is the core company of the Iwasaki Group. Iwasaki Group’s aim is to become an ‘inter-local company’. The term ‘inter-local’ has been coined by Yoshitaro Iwasaki, owner and CEO of Iwasaki Group and demonstrates the local focus of the Iwasaki organisation, and the contrast with the philosophy of ‘globalisation’.

The Iwasaki Group believes one of the side effects of globalisation is the opportunity disparity between urban and regional areas. The Group believes in addressing this disparity by investing in and promoting regional areas to create prosperity and sustainability.


The founder of the Iwasaki Group, Yohachiro Iwasaki, was born in the Kagoshima prefecture in the southern part of Kyushu in Japan. Primary industry fuelled the economy and the lack of a secondary industry made the region economically vulnerable.


In the 1950’s, in an early example of the ‘inter-local’ approach, Yohachiro Iwasaki decided that tourism would be a viable industry and he began investing in tourism infrastructure in the prefecture. He made Ibusuki City a famous tourist spot, and the Ibusuki Iwasaki Hotel became one of the top 3 resorts in Japan.

Investment by the Iwasaki family in the islands of Tanegashima and Yakushima in Kagoshima Prefecture as tourism destinations has delivered economic diversity to the region, with improvements to access to the islands contributing to the success.


The Iwasaki Group philosophy for development supports the sustainable and long term co-existence of nature and human society.  The Group take a long-term view of development and the need to consider the development in the context of the local environment.  They have a record of running tourism facilities in natural settings, such as World Heritage listed Yakushima Island, and other projects which operate in national parks.

At Capricorn Integrated Resort, Iwasaki Group has invested in 9000 ha of natural environment with the intention to create a resort development and local employment, while preserving the majority of the land holding in its natural state. This has been true for the entire history of the Iwasaki family in the Capricorn region and has not been without financial cost to Iwasaki.